"This was my first time buying a house and now, after being in it for about two years, I can say I love my home more every day.  The level of thought and details that Ellie and Christian Busker put into a renovation are easy to see when you walk into one of their homes.  I have friends who are looking for houses and have commented on the beauty and quality of my home. Ellie and Christian's work speaks for itself, but what you also get when you buy a house by Renovative Thinking is responsive builders who will answer your questions and stand by their work even after you have purchased and moved in.  I had a problem with the AC unit the first summer which ended up being an installation problem and they paid for the fix and the Freon to be replaced.  I think that's pretty unique to have such a commitment to the quality of their work!"
Sara, 214 Gale St.

"We are so thankful we found one of Ellie and Christian's homes.  The work is solid and they stand behind it.  Even when we have had little issues, Christian was quick to come out and make it right. We have had structural engineers to our home and even they have been impressed with the quality and care.
Ellie has a knack for design and decorating.  I was impressed the minute we walked in as it is cozy, warm, and beautiful.  She planned many small organizational details into the design with storage closets, shelving, and good flow.  I'm thankful for these little touches.
We would highly recommend them to family and friends and would seek them out for another house if we ever had to in the future.  We love our beautiful home and working with Ellie and Christian is easy and hassle free."
Paige and Alan
703 Aurora

“We moved to Houston from New York and viewed about 30+ houses, none of them spoke to us until we stepped into the house that Ellie and Christian spent time renovating. From the beginning we knew we were buying a high quality home from the amount of detail and thought that went into the renovation, none of the other houses we looked at even compared in terms of quality and workmanship. Still even to this day we get compliments by our friends and family on how great the house feels. But beyond just a sound home, Renovative Thinking has always been there for us whenever we needed something fixed whether it was an emergency or routine maintenance. Their commitment to homeowners who purchase their properties speaks volumes in today's quick flip housing market - how many homeowners today would you say have a working relationship with their builder after they purchased their home? Not many. For this alone gives us great satisfaction that we made the right choice but also gives us confidence that should a time come for us needing to sell our home in the future the quality, craftsmanship will be reflective on the potential to increase the value of our home.”
V & A

“The care that Ellie and Christian took when designing and remodeling our home pays off every day we spend in it. Its features and layout mean that our home lives so much larger than its 1200 square feet. Every space flows beautifully into the next and each function is easy to accomplish thanks to Ellie's keen understanding of designing spaces for the way people live. We love everything from throwing dinner parties for 10 people in our beautiful, open kitchen, to doing laundry in our "mud room" in the hallway, to relaxing and reading in our back bedroom. Our well-constructed attic, utility closet, pantry and bedroom closets mean we always have enough storage. The design doesn't stop at where the spaces flow--the colors and finishes of our house combine modern and traditional in a way that means our house won't need updating as soon as the flashy, trendy homes on the market nearby. Better still, because we're living in the space we need, not in an assortment of single-purpose extra add-on spaces that many houses throw in because they haven't been thoughtfully designed, our utility bills are 1/3 of those of our friends in bigger homes. Thanks to Ellie and Christian, we live in a comfortable, beautiful, light-filled space that fits with our aesthetic and complements the way we live.” 
Erica and Josh, 1119 Adele St

“After a cross country move from San Francisco to Houston I was looking to purchase my first home, but I also wanted to purchase a home with character and a rich history. I was fortunate to find both with my home at 934 Louise and the team of Ellie and Christian Busker of Renovative Thinking. Both Ellie and Christian made my first home purchase a dream. Their attention to detail and the quality of their craftsmanship is unparalleled. I would gladly purchase another home from them and count them as friends.”
Jordan, 934 Louise



“We were very lucky to get one of Christian & Ellie's homes.  It felt like home the minute we walked in.  They are expert space planners giving every square foot function and style.  Our home is small but has space for everything.  The design is bright, clean, and modern using lots of beautiful recycled/repurposed materials throughout the house.  The construction quality is exceptional and we've had no problems with the house.  Christian and Ellie offer beautiful, top quality homes and outstanding service.  I would recommend their homes and services anytime.”
Elizabeth and Rob, 1335 Lawrence